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Fabrikanten der Wirklichkeit / Fabricating Reality is a series about an investigation into that which we commonly consider to be “reality.” It is a series about the made-ness of the world and specifically about the question of how fiction and narration can be tools to construct or—well—“fabricate” reality.

How can we use images to approach processes which defy any way of depiction? In which way does the erroneous model of a dinosaur presented in (and then removed from) a natural history museum interfere with science’s claim to truth? How does architecture shape spaces, people and thought? To which end do private corporations create desires for specific futures by means of tactical science-fiction? What is the relationship between models of risk and actual threat? Why do ghosts keep haunting us in a world that is seemingly well-illuminated by enlightenment’s efforts?

Fabrikanten der Wirklichkeit / Fabricating Reality consists of a public conversation series in six installments that will take place between October 2020 and June 2021 at Kunstverein Hannover, Germany, as well as six audio pieces and an introduction that will be published on this website.

A growing archive of heterogenous research material on this website provides further context and expands the project.

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Fabrikanten der Wirklichkeit / Fabricating Reality is a project by Till Wittwer. Jacob Lindgren gave this website its gestalt. Music, sound montage and sound design are crafted by burgund t brandt. In episode 2, the Iguanodon is voiced by Anna Luisa Schmid.

Support for season I came from VGH Stiftung (conversation series) and VHV Stiftung (audio pieces). Season II was supported by the Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media.

Till Wittwer 2020/2021/2022